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Free trial

After the free trial, you can choose one of the following plans.

  • Annual
  • Monthly


PLN 8249 /month
PLN 6599 /month
A plan for larger teams. It gives insight into stock shortages, the needs of sales representatives and of employees of various departments. It allows you to quickly analyse your purchase history.
  • Unlimited number of products
  • Unlimited number of projects
  • 50 GB of disc space


PLN 5210 /month
PLN 4168 /month
A plan for small and medium-sized businesses. Great for demand management in small teams. Includes inventory management useful for e-commerce.
  • Management of up to 5000 products
  • Purchases for up to 5 projects
  • 5 GB of disc space


PLN 2822 /month
PLN 2258 /month
Plan for micro-enterprises. It will work well with purchase order processing in a small team. It will provide budget-based cost analysis and project cost accounting.
  • Management of up to 1000 products
  • Purchases for up to 1 projects
  • 1 GB of disc space

All prices are net prices