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Purchasing software and spend tracking

All in an app your team will love from the start.

Monitor your team’s purchases

Procurimo will organise the entire purchasing process within your organisation - enabling an easy
workflow of purchase requisitions from various departments.

Insight into real and global purchasing needs will help you avoid wrong decisions in choosing a
supplier and increase your negotiation power.

Resource Management

Forget complicated analysis and expensive ERP system modules.

Assign purchasing demands to different suppliers with ease. All necessary data is provided in one
view to facilitate quicker economic decisions.

Analyse expenditures

Access to transparent and beautifully presented analysis comes as standard in Procurimo.

Analyse your purchase history, tag and divide documents into categories, settle projects based on
budgets and generate meeting reports in moments.

Organise purchases regardless of the size of the company

Procurimo is as at the forefront of purchasing and collecting cost documents for accounting,
accounting software and ERP systems.

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