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Remote Work Trends 2021

There have been an excessive number of people working from home since March 2020. Figures have risen from almost 3% to 88%. The trend was rising beforehand but much more slowly. Questions are being asked about whether this will change and how remote work trends in 2021 play out.

Is remote working good for all?

Many people prefer working from home as there is no commute to get up later, not be around many other people, and not have to dress up as much. Travel costs will go down, but housing bills will go up. Others miss the change of scenery and company of colleagues. Employers like the new system as well; they can open smaller offices and cut commercial rental costs.


remote work


Surveys have shown workers are happier working from home. Quite how this will pan out is not known as remote working will impact many industries. Public transport will have fewer passengers, and small cafes and sandwich bars in the business area will have fewer customers.


Is remote working here to stay?

Realistically it is not. A lot of people cannot do it anyway. Schools cannot stay closed, and the service industry needs to have people in locations such as bars and theatres. There are concerns about remote workers becoming isolated, and there is a low work-life balance. All in all, it has been determined that less than 50% of workers could work remotely.

There will be the option to work from a place away from home. It could include going to a cafe or public space where it is possible to use the internet. Some may choose to do that due to less travel but still some social contact. A strategic purchase of additional IT should keep you working effectively.

Japan has for some time been ahead of the game regarding remote working. Some years ago, there were small offices opened in railway stations. These could be hired for a short time. It was thought that Covid would put paid to these, but they are expanding, and Tokyo is planning to build more and more. With purchase ordering software installed, even buyers don't have to see items to place an order physically.



Making remote working easier

Social media is getting in on the act, and idea-sharing is already taking place through Instagram and Pinterest. Along the same lines, there is an increase in remote networking. No longer do you have to traipse to another part of the country to sit through hours of speeches and presentations to swap business cards with other attendees. Being asked to meet through Zoom or other such platforms may seem strange now, but it will soon become the norm.

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Speaking of Zoom, there have been more people talking about a Zoom shirt. Anyone working from home will know what this is and probably have one. It’s that one piece of clothing kept hanging behind the door, ready for you to slip into just before the Zoom meeting starts.


Remote work trends for 2021 can spread beyond one home. There is no reason not to work from another country part of the year. Even some hands-on jobs can be done from another location. If it’s impossible to travel between companies, use IT, especially video, to share problems and hope someone has the solution.